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Kesha: Don’t be defined by your fears.

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Kesha: Don’t be defined by your fears.

Kesha: Don’t be defined by your fears. "Shadow," one of Kesha's best songs inspires you to never let your fear contorl you! Check it out!

“Loving life,” isn’t always the easiest and takes a radically different viewpoint of the world. Isn’t it easier to not your fear control your life?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what other people think about you, and how you live your life because in reality, this is your leagacy, not theirs and that’s just one of the reasons “Shadow,” is blunt but relatable.

Tragically, many live a routine, hide who they truly are and end up wishing they would have taken the opportunity to love themselves as deserved in this crazy, but beautiful life.

“Get your darkness out of my damn way, I’m dancing in the rain.”

Oh, this lyric hits home, you are what you surround yourself with, therefore it’s important to be proud, to look for like minded individuals who always celebrate life.

Further, Kesha wanted to release something that would inspire, and push her family, friends and fans to push yourself to become the best versions of yourself because why not just shoot for the stars, right?

“I spent most of my life being terrified of one thing or another… I can’t tell you how to not be afraid, but I can tell you that I’ve experienced how to not be defined by my fears.”

Shadow is a song that inspires you to begin loving life. It pushes you to love, it pushes you to get rid of toxic people and welcome positivity into your life.

Most importantly, the Ted talk and performance was nothing less than pure inspiration.

Sebert performed “Shadow,” on Ted talk and it brought chills to many within the YouTube comments.

Overall, this is one of the many songs on my Spotify “repeated,” playlist, should it be on yours?

Listen below! And be sure to check out Ted talk as well.

Blessed be.

Kesha: Shadow on Youtube

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